The Bleeding Eritrean Hart – Text Series

I. Who Am I? America runs on the tenets of a free press, right to due process, right to disrupt and cause havoc tenfold. So it isn’t unusual to see a burning American… Continue reading

How Long Should a Woman Take in Doing Pull-Ups?

The irony of women as incapable of making the pull-up requirement for combat training is absurd. I respect a lot of the women you see in advertisements, ROTC posters and corporate positions. Also… Continue reading

China Quizzes it Journalists about Principles to Renew Credentials

This news quiz on Chinese socialism was startling. Though the idea might not take off in the United States, it will remain in China for some time, as we know it. Veteran and… Continue reading

Rape Amour: Effective or a Means to Guilt Women?

Last November, a report from Bangalore India surfaced about a clothing company that wanted to sell protective undergarment for women on the premise of rape prevention. How bizarre did that just sound? The… Continue reading

Sex Workers Speak Out Against Exploitation and Disease in India

BY: Ariam Frezghi The cause here is simple. To raise awareness and bring justice about child and youth prostitution in India. About a quarter of 2.8 million sex workers are under 18,… Continue reading

Number of people watching television has declined, according to Nielsen’s

The number of TV homes is shrinking and viewers between the age of 12-17 continues to decline, according to ratings data released by the Nielsen company on Thursday. Ratings indicate that in the… Continue reading

Now I Can’t Add Any of My Professors on Facebook

According to the first social media policy released earlier this week, teachers and students share minimal contact via social networking sites. NYC Department of Education teachers cannot use social media accounts (whether or… Continue reading

Study finds Nielsen adds to “Second Screen” Experience

When viewers watch a TV program with on a tablet device, they may check their email, shop for shoes and handbags or seek additional information about the show they were watching on the… Continue reading

GMA Continues to Perform Well after Winning Streak

  According to Nielsens, the Today Show is back on top. One week after breaking a 16-year winning streak, “Good Morning America” slips back to second place. Last week the 7 a.m. morning… Continue reading

Social Media or TV? I’d Say the Latter

I stumbled on a rather interesting study from polling firm Ipsos Reid, which surveyed over 19,000 citizens across the world what they would do between keeping two mediums of interaction/entertainment. Trade in your… Continue reading